Definition of our business policy:

AUGUST FRIEDBERG GmbH regards and positions itself as a strategic partner in the field of high-class connection technology. Developing and manufacturing a wide range of different fasteners and fastening systems we stand for innovative product designs and comprehensive services which are as much based on our customers’ individual requirements and the standards of their industries as they are in close pursuit of technological progress.

As a provider of specialized fastening technology we are globally active to support our customers from the wind energy sector and the automotive and construction industries. As an employer the company is as much bound to the standards of modern business and personnel management as it is aware of its social and human responsibilities and its obligations towards state, society and environment.

The pillars of our existence and our work:

Value creation:

Only high quality and best products ensure our future, allow for the continuous development of our portfolio, secure jobs and guarantee the room for investments, needed to realise all future demands.



Respect for nature, the people, the environment, its resources and their responsible use defines how we act. We consider ourselves responsible for state and society and support both by all means possible in order to build a good and sustainable future for all.



AUGUST FRIEDBERG views its customers as partners. We form a strong alliance with our customers and suppliers based on common and Long-term goals.
Only shared success is real success.



We seek continuous improvement – on all levels.
Our company is the stage on which our future unfolds in an environment that has high expectations and constantly demands our readiness to fullfill them.



Continuously improving our products, our technologies and our services requires our permanent willingness to learn. Learning and understanding are the prerequisites to changes which may turn into innovations.



We continue to be an attractive company with an extraordinary potential for development and clearly defined goals. Nobody does what we do as well as we do it. Customers rely on us: On what we accomplish, now and in future. Our staff, our customers and all who we cooperate with consider us irreplacable. In the decades to follow AUGUST FRIEDBERG shall remain the brand for high-quality bolts and other fastening products..


Also see our code of conduct!